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08 March 2009 @ 10:21 pm
Rating: G
Summary: Nino notices a lot of people are fans of Ohno and gets slightly jealous.
Notes: This was inspired partially by the big Uchiwa’s Arashi tried to fan Aiba around Tokyo Dome with when he did the balloon expertiment. And also by Nightmare of You’s song "My Name is Trouble."
Written for ohmiyaday 's valentine challenge

Biggest Fan

Ohno walked sleepily into the Jimusho and blinked, surprised at the flurry of activity.
The juniors were all wearing pink outfits, with fluffy, glittery white wings. They were also pushing various colour coded trolleys around. The trolleys were not only decorated with stick-on hearts, which had been pierced by arrows, but they also overflowed with handmade envelopes and carefully wrapped packages.

Ohno continued along the corridor towards Arashi’s dressing room, weaving his way through the mini cupids. He also had to avoid Koki and Nakamaru who were doubled over on the floor laughing. A very disgruntled looking Senga was holding a wad of envelopes and was evidently waiting for his sempai to stop laughing at his pink shorts.

Dumping his bag on an available chair, he observed the current antics of his band mates.
Jun was lying on the floor against his will, judging by the fact Aiba was straddling his waist. The younger man’s arms were being pinned down by the aforementioned band member with an obvious effort.

Nino had a firm grip on Jun’s head preventing any movement, and was currently receiving a glare which promised tremendous pain. To this he was simply responding with that smile he knew Jun hated so much.

Sho meanwhile was attempting to pry open Jun’s lips, which had been clamped shut, so he could put in a piece of chocolate.

“Come on Jun-kun, you lost at janken. You get to try the chocolate first.” Nino smirked wickedly.

Ohno smiled fondly at these happenings and greeted them all sleepily, “Ohayo”
This caused numerous reactions.

Firstly, Aiba lost concentration and hence his grip on Jun’s arms.

Secondly Nino broke his silent staring war with Jun and detached himself from the other members to hug Ohno.

Jun breathed a sigh of relief and pushed upwards against Aiba the minute he felt the other’s grip slacken.

Sho then grinned as he succeeded in forcing the chocolate inside of Jun’s mouth. He quickly grabbed his jaw to prevent the offending food item being spat back out.
Jun chewed sullenly, and once Sho was satisfied enough to release him, let out a loud wail.

“Are you all trying to make me as fat as Bakanishi?

Nino ignored Jun’s wails of indignation as he nuzzled his nose against Ohno’s shoulder.

“Did you sleep well Captain?”

“Mmm,” Came the positive answer. “It was a little cold though. I had to get an extra blanket.”

Nino responded to this by hugging Ohno extra tight, “Poor Oh-chan.”

Ohno glanced over Nino’s shoulder at the other three. Jun had gone suspiciously quiet, but it was explained by the fact Aiba had given his mouth another pastime.
Nino looked round too and snickered at the sight before him.

“I didn’t realise that Aiba himself had to taste test every single one of his experiments in A no Arashi.”

“Aiba made those chocolates?” Ohno asked. He would have been surprised, except that he was used to the eccentric happenings within their band.

“No, he’s testing if the packaging of a gift affects the taste of the chocolate. Sho’s his assistant” Nino explained, waving to the pile of previously unnoticed Valentine’s Day gifts in the corner, as Sho then went to also ‘taste test’ the product.

“Oooh.” Ohno moved towards the presents, curious as to what had been sent this year. Nino followed him, holding the older member around the waist and resting his chin on Satoshi’s shoulder.

Nino watched as the various cards from the other bands were rifled through, and smiled at the food items which were carefully extracted. Koyama always sent some kind of cooking just for Ohno to try, and in an attempt to fatten Jun up.


Nino stretched as they warmed up for the concert run through.

“It was really nice of Toma-kun to send me that valentine’s card ne?” Ohno said out of the blue.

Nino twitched involuntarily.

“He’s lucky it didn’t have the same fate as Chinen’s car-OW!” Sho looked around indignantly rubbing his head. Nino looked innocent like he hadn’t just hit Sakurai round the head. Although Sho should have known that Ohno wouldn’t be interested in the brat’s card which was sat in their dressing room bin.


Nino grinned at Jun as he ran past him onstage. They were in the middle of singing loudly to thousands of screaming fangirls, and the concert was going well so far. There had been no juniors falling over, and Aiba had yet to injure himself.

Running up to Ohno, he hugged him, laughing slightly at the increased effort put behind the screams of excitement.

As they broke apart, keeping their arms wrapped around each other, Ohno laughed, pointing into the crowd. Nino looked in the direction he was aiming, as Ohno simply stated “Sugoi!” and waved in that direction. One fan jumped around happily waving a homemade uchiwa. It read “Ohno’s Number One Fan!”


Nino jogged down the steps after the afternoon concert. He knew he was being stupid, but it was starting to bug him. Lots of people seemed to really like Ohno. It was true that Captain was a nice guy, and it was hard not to love him, but that didn’t give people the right to try and steal his Oh-chan from him.

Of course, the other members of Arashi had a right to their Leader, but everyone knew that Ohno was his first and foremost. They must know because Nino was sure he’d marked his territory quite clearly. Although....maybe some people had forgotten.


“Wow, Tokyo audiences have gotten even more fun over the years!” Sho said smiling during their evening concert MC.

“I’m glad you all decided to spend tonight with us!” Jun yelled to the audience.

“Arigato!” was echoed by all five members.

“Hey guys, you know what tomorrow is right?” Aiba said, bouncing with excitement.

“February 14th?” Ohno ventured.

“Valentine’s Day.” Jun provided.

“Ah yes! I hope all the people here have someone to give chocolates to tomorrow.”

“Actually, speaking of gifts, I have a gift to give right now.” Nino suddenly piped up.

“Eh?” The other members of Arashi looked confused. Nothing had been said to any of them, and they usually got briefed on anything that was planned.

Several juniors came running onto the stage carrying a huge blue uchiwa between them.

They handed it to Nino, who lifted it for all to see.

On it was written, in big yellow letters, “Ohno’s Biggest Fan!” with an arrow pointing to Nino himself.

Ohno gave him a smile, and went to give his band member and friend a hug.

“Like it would be anyone else.” he whispered into Nino’s ear.</lj>
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