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Number 1 Fan

Wow look an actual update!

I bring Rydon. Ryan/Brendon from Panic at the Disco for you uneducated souls out there.
Inspired by Nightmare of You's lyrics for My Name is Trouble
I dedicate this fic to Dia, Anna, Scamp and all of my other friends who know the love that is Panic.
Title: Number 1 Fan
Fandom: Panic at the Disco
Pairing: Rydon
Rating: well this is pure fluff really so G
Warning: This is slash. And RPS at that. If you don't like it, I'm not making you read it, and I most certainly don't care about whether you think its wrong or not. So don't say you've not been warned, and don't blame me for unleashing unholy demons onto your mind.
Disclaimer: I don't own any members of Panic at the Disco. If I did do you really think I'd be online? This is pure fiction, and not fact. Only speculations of a rabid fangirl.
Nor do I own Nightmare of You or any of their lyrics.

I want to kiss you on the mouth and tell you
I'm your biggest fan
~ My Name is Trouble - Nightmare of You

Ryan sat on the couch in the house the band had moved into a few days ago. Strumming on his guitat, he was working out a new riff for their next album. Or at least that’s what he had intended to do. In actual fact he was just playing. An endless tune which let him get some of his feelings out, and relaxed him.
Ryan was so absorbed in the music that he didn’t notice Brendon standing in the doorway, until he released a small sigh. Looking up to see that familiar smile was not a bad thing.

“More fan mail for you” Brendon held up the packages and letters which had recently arrived, “That’s the third lot today!”

Ryan put his guitar back on its stand and walked over to Brendon to look through it.

“Yeah and this Dani person seems to be the same one who’s been filling my letterbox too.” Brendon picked out no less than three letters with the same return address.

“Sometimes I wonder how much spare time they have. This Natalie girl send me five in the past three days” Ryan picked up the now familiar dolphin envelope.

“Obsession does strange things to people” Brendon glanced at a letter from Wisconsin.

“And how many of them claim to be my biggest fan?” Ryan through yet another letter telling him she was his biggest fan, and wanted to marry him.

“Shame for them that that title is already claimed”

“H’uh?” Ryan raised his head confused, only to have his lips captured by Brendon’s in a slow soft kiss.

“I’m your biggest fan.” Brendon allowed these words to trail softly on Ryan’s lips as he drew away.

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